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Would you let this guy live in your house?

Would you let this guy live in your house?

When we come home so very tired, we sit down with our friend.
We know he will not make us think although he may offend.
We've taken him into our house; he lives with us you see.
We put him on a pedestal, part of the family.

My friend and I, we disagree; he is a humanist,
And every time he speaks the truth, he gives the truth a twist.
But yet I let him stay with us and let him speak his mind,
For he is entertaining and he helps us to unwind.

And even though we're Christians and we want to walk in light;
Our friend keeps preaching darkness, saying things that are not right.
He is religious, in a way, with rules for wrong and right,
Which mostly undermine our faith, exchanging dark for light.

He mixes good in with the bad, so we are led along,
A mix of fact and lie so the conclusions are all wrong.
It's true, our friend is vulgar but he's entertaining too.
He's trying to convince us of some things that are not true.

Our friend is not the one to blame, for others pull the strings.
He really cannot help it that they make him do these things.
A wicked group controls our friend, part of an evil plot
Whose main intent is to control us, and they have, somewhat.

And somehow, as we listen there to stories that he tells,
We're hypnotized, yes, mesmerized with many crafty spells.
And once he has us hypnotized, he feeds us with some thought,
Which we receive quite readily for in his trap we're caught.

And many times I could have made him go but haven't yet,
For with his entertaining ways he holds me in his net.
Perhaps we are addicted to amusement from our friend.
Perhaps we're hooked so well we cannot bring it to an end.

We keep him on a pedestal, part of the family,
And listen to his subtle lies, our friend, the enemy.
We keep him on a pedestal, part of the family,
And listen to his subtle lies, our old friend the TV.

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What would happen if you made this your rule: Every time you see violence, immorality or anything that is against God (that which doesn't build you up as a Christian), you turn off your TV for two hours. How much TV would you watch? You might even have a family conversation again.

Romans 14:19 Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.

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