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Political correctness is now thrust before your eyes.
You see how they have taken truth and mixed it up with lies.
And in this way have made the right seem like it is not right,
And made the evil seem like good and darkness seem like light.

A lie has got a purpose and is used by the unwise,
Promoting bunk that does not work has been the role of lies.
Creating mass confusion with conclusions that they draw,
So they can use coercion to enforce their lies in law.

They don't want to know Jesus and His great forgiving way.
They like to walk where it is night and do not like the day.
And so they try to tell you that you should not speak of Him.
They try to make you fit their mold and make your light grow dim.

They've gotten you to pay to have your kids all brainwashed too.
You send your kids to schools that teach them things that are not true.
And if you teach creation and the flood they shake with fits,
And stand in their self-righteousness as new age hypocrites.

The evolutionists all know the lies that they have told.
They know that they have fooled themselves with snake oil they have sold.
They know that God created all, but yet they're really sly.
To them, God is unthinkable, so they must sell their lie.

And many, many billion years, you're told the earth is old,
But yet there are no facts that prove this lie that you've been told.
In truth, the earth must be quite young once all the facts are weighed,
But you won't find a public school with all the facts displayed.

The fossils show the age of rocks as very, very old,
The rocks then date the fossils as the scientists have told.
This reasoning is circular, but evolution's tale
(This story that just isn't true) is still told without fail.

The proof is in the column of the rocks from days of old.
But now you know this column's just another lie they've told.
A column that does not exist in any place at all
Is shown now in the books in school--that takes a lot of gall.

And then the word, vestigial, rings out its trumpet call,
These organs and these bones that seem to have no use at all.
Though years ago this too was proved to be a silly lie.
But there they are in textbooks still, used as an alibi.

And now they say that they made life--right in the lab they claim.
Now there's a lie so big that they should hang their heads in shame.
But yet they still proclaim it and they teach it in the schools.
You can't believe they'd teach this, much less put it in the news.

Yes, these and many other lies they tell you every day.
For there is just one thing they want--that is to have their way.
You wonder that they feel no guilt, but guilt does not apply.
They do not see a law that says it's wrong to tell a lie.

And every so-called evidence they use to prove their lies,
Has been exposed to be a clever ruse that they devise.
And media and schools controlled by evolutionists.
All try to make you disbelieve Almighty God exists.

The media, the public schools, the newspapers all blitz
You with this stupid rhetoric with great pizzazz and glitz,
And yet there is no evidence; in truth, there cannot be.
For science that is true reveals that God made you and me.

Most humanists do realize the lies that they have told
Have fooled some folks and fooled themselves, this snake oil they have sold.
They know that God created all, but yet they shut their eyes.
To them, God is unthinkable, so they must sell their lies.

The fact that Jesus came to earth and died and rose again,
Is verified historically beyond all known events,
And never was an error found in Scripture's hallowed page,
But little minds say otherwise in idiotic rage.

All so-called evidences used today to prove these lies,
Are nonexistent and when challenged quickly vaporize.
And yet the perpetrators still continue to insist.
They'd just feel better if Almighty God did not exist.

If God were not almighty, the Creator of all things,
And everything were relative, then humans would be kings.
And every person, then, a little god who need not serve
The God above, nor live in love, nor get what they deserve.

And so this lie is told, which leads to other lies as well,
Like racism, or P. C. bunk, or saying, "There's no hell."
The lies they tell you day by day are hidden in the news,
Concealed as entertainment to relax and to amuse.

For human nature is so weak and self-will is so strong,
And flesh has been pre-programmed to keep doing what is wrong,
But God gave a redeemer, Jesus Christ, His own dear Son,
That you may be born by His blood to serve the Holy One.

Now that you've read this poem I just wonder what you'll do.
I wonder if you know Him and the peace He has for you.
I wonder if you'll enter in to wash your sins away.
I wonder if you'll take the gift He offers you today.

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