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The Holiness Song Book has moved.

The audio files have moved to www.FreeGospelMusic.Net . This site is now used for lyrics only. To navigate the lyrics only site, click here
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The Holiness Song Book

Here is your source for songs about holiness! "The Holiness Song Book" is a free online song book you can use. You can link to "The Holiness Song Book" page. You can scroll down for a listing of songs about holiness, do a word search for specific songs about holiness, sign up for our mail list service to find songs about holiness. So if you're looking for songs about holiness you are going to find songs about holiness right here.
Jesus taught us how to pray Thy will be done.  We need more and more of God and less of our own will.  We need to die to self and live to God.  Then the fruit of the Spirit will spring forth and we will do God's will.  This is not righteousness born of our own works, but rather it is His righteousness and holiness as He has been born within us and He is doing the works.  All we ever had power to do was to reject Him, for He forces Himself on no one.  If we don't reject Him, He drops His faith into our hearts, He comes to live within, and He does His works in and through us.