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The Kingdom Order Has Been Restored
The Kingdom order has been restored,
The five-fold ministry exalting the Lord.
Clear off the foundation; submit to His hand.
We're building the Temple at Jesus command.
Clear off the foundation; submit to His hand.
We're building the Temple at Jesus command.

Since God restored the apostolic five-fold ministry.
They equip the saints to serve and come to unity,
Until they come to fullness, all built up to be complete,
By each joint supplying and the flow of love so sweet.

They set the local elders as the called of God to rule.
They set the local deacons as the helpers toward the goal.
The power of this order has been shown to all who see.
The government of God is working setting people free.

They give the apostles' doctrine only to be taught.
They do not give credence to man's high and mighty thought.
Reasoning and theory quenched by that which is revealed.
Speculation set aside for knowledge that is real.

Apostolic Presbyteries equipping saints for war,
Prophesy and lay on hands, to impart the power.
Sent by God and not by men, they have authority.
To impart unto each saint the gift and ministry.

You can't have the kingdom without the King, and you can't have theocracy without Jesus.  America was never a theocracy.  Theocracy is the church as outlined in the Bible.

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