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The church is filled with hypocrites
Have you ever heard anyone say that they won't come to church because of all those hypocrites that are there. Well, there may be hypocrites in the church, and every Christian must pray that God will give us of His nature, but the most foul and deceitful hypocrites are not in the church. The days of political correctness are upon us, bringing a dishonest self-righteousness to those who want nothing to do with God or His laws. One major part of what God has asked us to do is to put away the pointing of the finger. This little poem is written for the finger pointers of the world.

The church is filled with hypocrites, with hypocrites galore,
But not to be compared with hypocrites outside it's door.
If hypocrites have kept you out of church, I must implore:
Come in and join us now for we can always use one more.

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