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The Accuser

There was a woman whose son had died at a very young age. One night she had a dream in which she saw her son in heaven. She was so glad to see him, and he had grown to be such a fine young man. As they talked, she remembered many of the mistakes she had made. She remembered times when she hadn't been a very good mom. She began to apologize to her son for these times, but he stopped her: "Mom, we don't keep any record of such things here."

It seems that the accuser looks for every way to accuse us after we leave our sin behind. He tries to remind us of the sins that are forgiven--the things of the past that are under the blood. Satan will use phrases like, "Under the blood, under the rug, what's the difference." Paul, the apostle, had persecuted the Church. We know that he was there consenting to the murder of Stephen. Then Jesus met Paul and straightened him out--and began to reveal Himself, more and more, through Paul. Even after Paul had received so much form God, however, he still had the memory of all those whom he had persecuted.

Some say that Paul's "thorn in the flesh" was a physical ailment of some sort, but Paul called it a messenger of Satan--Satan, the accuser, sent a messenger to Paul to tell him something. Paul asked God, over and over, to free him from this messenger. God told Paul that His strength was made perfect (complete) in Paul's weakness. And so it appears that the message from the accuser continued to be delivered to Paul--by whatever means.

One thing we notice about the accuser: after we leave our sin behind, the accuser seeks every means to accuse us. The accuser sends many messengers. He will use our own fleshly mind to speak condemnation to us--out of our hearts proceed evil thoughts--yet God has already forgotten the sins of our past. Satan will use evil spirits to accuse us of past, forgiven sins.

Satan will even use the fleshly minds of our brothers and sisters in Christ to accuse. He will accuse with 2% truth (to add credibility) and 98% lie. But God's strength is made complete in our weakness. When we are humbled, God is exalted. The fact that He has turned us around demonstrates the greatness of God's grace.

So when Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.

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