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Pure Thought Is Based On Logic, So The Story Goes

Pure thought is based on logic, so the story goes.
We swallow this line easily, as everybody knows.
But reasoning and logic, fall short to tell what's true.
And scholars argue constantly all mired in a goo
Of logical assumptions--they all sit in their stew,
As they have done for ages.  This is nothing new.

Their books and papers, proven false by that which they can see,
But, proud and haughty, they deny that it can ever be. Scientist or theologian--they are all the same.
Facts based on assumptions, all stirring in their brains.

A brain so proud, it says to God, "Who are You to tell."
And gives us quite a clue to just how Satan fell.
The more they learn, the more they know, the more confused they are,
For when they learn what isn't true, they're stuck in pitch-black tar.

They look into the Bible, but they don't see the Word.
A veil is there before their eyes.  They see what they had heard. Is God able to reveal?  Can His Spirit show--
If we're willing now to yield--things that we must know?

As God reveals, won't He know to show us all the same?
Won't He show us in the way the Bible does proclaim?
For God does send, the Bible says, and tells us how He sends.
He chooses whom He will to send.  On that we can depend.
If there is great discord and all this argument,
It simply means that someone runs whom God has never sent.

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