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Jesus Is The Resurrection And The Life

Jesus is the resurrection and the life.
If any can believe it they will never die.
If any can receive it they will never die.
Press on into this Kingdom life.

Gifts and fruits of the Spirit must appear in us,
Every Kingdom element must be restored.
All ministries and offices the Word records,
And perfect unity is a must.

The little separate kingdoms exalting men,
The Babylon of voices must surely fall,
And speculated doctrine with convincing call,
Shall topple at the Lord's command.

Emotion can't inherit eternal life,
But yielding to God's Spirit is what gives us life.
The fruit of reasoned doctrine is only strife.
Submission to the Spirit gives us life.

All the man-made orders exalt the flesh.
To grow to life in Jesus, all our flesh must die.
The order of the Kingdom makes the flesh all die,
So live to God and kill your flesh.

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