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Jesus Is The Only Truth That Matters

Jesus is the only Truth that matters. John 14:6
He's the only Truth that can withstand the test.
In His presence all my arguments are shattered.
In His presence is the only place of rest.

I will seek Him and know Him. Psalm 119:2
I will walk in all His ways yielding to His grace.
I will seek Him and know Him.
Pressing on to know the Lord . . . until I see Him face to face.

The intelligence of men just doesn't matter.
As they analyze, their thoughts are sadly vain.
All their reasoning is so much empty chatter,
When the Lord's the only Truth that will remain.

Reasoned dogma cannot test the True Foundation. 1 Cor. 3:11
Jesus is the Truth and Doctrine I embrace. Eph 2:20
All the ramblings of my interpretation,
I will disregard and I will seek His face.

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