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Are you pro-choice?
This poem will help you.

The Lord has placed in front of you the privilege of choice.
You can choose to yield to God or else some other voice.
Your mind and some philosophies keep speaking to your will,
And if you try to silence them they never will be still.

Great personages beckon.
They have won respect from man.
You listen to their polished words and mimic what you can.
If persons, sects or thoughts of men are lifted to be seen.
They quickly take preeminence; the Lord, they do demean.

You have some things you love to own; they show how well you do.
And there is nothing wrong with them, and they belong to you.
Accomplishment eats up your time and energy until
With tired eyes, you go to bed, the servant of self-will.

And recognition is, for you, a well deserved reward.
The choice is made unconsciously to disregard the Lord.
Attempting to be popular, what did you do today?
What do you testify through deeds or through the words you say?

And entertainments call to you--created to excite.
You just enjoy each moment there with fun and with delight.
The world of pleasure lures you; what harm now could it cause?
And so, you choose what feels good--no need to bear the cross.

It's not so much a matter of just steering clear of sin.
It has to do with Jesus and just spending time with Him.
The Savior would direct you if you'd listen to His voice.
But He has placed in front of you the privilege of choice.

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