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Builders Together With God
We must not build on partial revelation
It is on Jesus, He is the firm foundation.
We will not look to our own imagination.
For we are builders together with God.

The person named Jesus--He is the revelation,
Revealing His presence to men of lowly station.
Who humble themselves in total consecration
For we are builders of the city of God.

The church is much more than an organization,
It's Christ's living body, which needs no adaptation.
So we will not look to our own imagination.
For we are builders together with God.

Apostles and prophets have become the foundation.
As they build on Jesus with total consecration.
And they do not dabble with foolish speculation,
For they are builders-co-workers with God.

Even if building on that firm foundation,
If we build our own way, it is abomination.
Oh Lord, let us build with total dedication,
For we are builders together with God.

1Cor 3:10-15, Eph 2:21-22

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