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Experiencing God and Living for Christ Song Book

Here is your source for songs about experiencing God and living for Christ! "Experiencing God and Living for Christ Song Book" is a free online song book you can use. You can scroll down for a listing of all the songs in the "Experiencing God and Living for Christ Song Book". You can link to the "Experiencing God and Living for Christ Song Book" page. You can do a word search for specific songs about experiencing God and living for Christ. So if you're looking for songs about experiencing God and living for Christ you are going to find songs about experiencing God and living for Christ right here.
Many have sought to draw near to God through works, but that isn't possible. The only type of work that is acceptible to God is the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit springs forth, but not by human effort, it is of the Spirit. In other words, the Spirit does the work in you. That is why you must experience God before you can live for Christ. These songs are for the purpose of showing the way.

"Let us never forget that the fruits of the Spirit, and not the gifts of the Spirit, constitute the real test of spiritual life; for the latter are given to produce the former, and it is the fruit that is the embodiment and expression of Christ-likeness within the heart and soul. That is why Paul exhorted, "Follow after love, and desire spiritual gifts . . ." (1Cor. 14:1). Gifts are absolutely necessary, for they are the means to the end; but Love is the end, the consummation, the fruit for which God is waiting. Love is the Ultimate, because "God is Love," and it is His purpose to conform the saints even unto " the image of His Son. Love is the End: but it is an End which knows no beginning or ending, for it is God himself; and when we become thoroughly united with Him, we are in a realm which is eternally progressive. O what a grand and glorious day awaits the Church in the Feast of Ingathering: The Day of the fruit of the Spirit! Because we do not have the fruit of the Spirit in any degree of fulness, we cannot appreciate its glory. Before the gifts of the Spirit were restored to the Church we had a faint conception of what they would be like, but what a revelation it is as we see them gradually unfolding before our eyes! So with the fruit of the Spirit. We know what they are: "Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance" (Gal. 5:22). But we shall never appreciate any measure of their real glory until the fruit of the Spirit becomes visibly manifest in the saints of God."
The Feast of Tabernacles, the hope of the church
George H. Warnock
Page 64