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The Revelation Song Book has moved.

The audio files have moved to www.FreeGospelMusic.Net . This site is now used for lyrics only. To navigate the lyrics only site, click here
To navigate FreeGospelMusic.Net, click here.

To print these lyrics, use your mouse to highlight the lyrics you want, then copy them by holding your Ctrl key down and pressing your C key. Then paste them into your favorite word processor and format them any way you want to. Then you can use them for song sheets or to send in emails or for making overhead projections or many other uses.

The Revelation Song Book

Here is your source for songs about Christian revelation and understanding Christian doctrine! Right in the songs, you can learn how to discern the false assumptions of the modernists, new age hypocrites, and liberals. "The Revelation Song Book" is a free online song book you can use. You can scroll down for a listing of all the songs in "The Revelation Song Book". You can do a word search for specific song about Christian revelation. So if you're looking for songs about Christian revelation you are going to find songs about Christian revelation right here. So much of what is called Christian doctrine is actually simple rationalism. Rationalism is the belief that the human mind is the source of all knowledge. The Bible says the the human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked. Those who believe that the human mind is supreme are called modernists or liberals. But, in fact, there is a bit of the liberal in every Christian because we all easily add to the Word or take from it. Speculative theology causes divisions in the Body of Christ, but God has a plan for unity in the Spirit. Revelation is as different from speculation as light is different from darkness. These songs tell the story about God's plan.

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