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  Come and see

The Church is not a building.  It isn't even a group of people.  It is the body of Christ, made of lively stones.  The stones are ministries in that Body and every member has and is a ministry.  The ministry is actually the Christ who lives in each one of us.  At this time, the order of God has largely been restored to the Church; were you aware?   God ordained the order of the Church and man-made religion cannot replace God's ways.  What is the order for the Church?  Is it plain that apostles were given to the Church to oversee it?  Is it plain that they did not send themselves, nor were they sent by men.  Many  God ordained orders of the Church are very plain in the Bible.  Although God's way had been replaced with man-made religion, God is restoring His own order line on line and precept on precept.

 Eph 2:19-22