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God's Determination

God's determination in Zephaniah 3:8,
Prophesied a word wherein today we relate.
He said, "I'll gather all the nations that are living in thee,
And I'll destroy them by the fire of My jealousy."

For I will have a people with a language that's pure,
With one consent to serve Me and will learn to endure,
And in the day of Life and Glory, I will make up the lack,
I'm mighty in the midst of thee, let not thine hands be slack.

I'll undo all that afflicts thee, the time to gather you is here,
Come out of your captivity, rejoice and have no fear.
It's with joy that I rejoice over Zion it, is true,
So just rest in My love and with singing march on through.

For I'm making you a name and a praise upon the earth,
Being mighty in the midst of thee, I've determined all your worth.
My purpose and My will works righteous judgment now in thee,
Rise up now New Creation, go set every man free.